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4238 - Third Party Advertising and Sponsorships

This Regulation is intended to significantly restrict third party advertising on or within District operated property. Compulsory attendance laws create an obligation for the District to protect the welfare of students and the integrity of the learning environment. Therefore, students shall not be exposed to advertising or sponsorship in the school environment, including commercial advertising, except in the narrow circumstances and subject to the specific requirements and restrictions detailed in 4238P.

The District’s standards for third party advertising and sponsorships are intended to foster a limited and appropriate advertising forum that respects the educational environment while reasonably generating revenue. Allowed advertisements and sponsorships are intended to support the District’s mission to educate students, including by generating revenue to support educational operations. Advertisements or sponsorships that could detract from the District’s mission, including by interfering with and diverting resources from school operations or posing foreseeable risks of harm or material and substantial disruption to schools, are excluded.

Permission by the District for commercial advertising or sponsorship should not be construed as an endorsement of the business or its product or services or as an exclusive agreement. The District’s acceptance of specific advertising or sponsorship for commercial or other purposes does not provide or create a public forum for expressive activities.

This Regulation and its related procedures govern advertising availability for both non-profit organizations and commercial organizations on District property or using other District resources. This Regulation does not govern student publications, which are addressed in 3220, but is intended to inform student editor decisions over appropriate advertisements in such publications.

Companies’ logos or products that are used in the school environment incidental to a District contractual service or purchase are not subject to the terms of this policy.



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