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4238P - Third Party Advertising and Sponsorships Procedure

Only the following types of third party advertising will be allowed on or within District operated property:

  1. As permitted in connection with courses of study which have specific lessons related to advertising. It will be up to each school to decide whether the lessons related to advertising are appropriate.
  2. As permitted in such supplementary classroom and library materials as newspapers, magazines, television, the internet, and similar media where they are used in a class such as current events, or where they are used as an appropriate research tool, or for other educational purposes consistent with District regulations.
  3. As permitted during co-curricular or extra-curricular activities outside the school day.
  4. Other circumstances that are approved in advance and in writing by District administration.

Displaying ads on students or staff is prohibited. The District limits advertising to facilities, scoreboards, printed extra-curricular materials, and airtime during extra-curricular activities. Advertising will be temporary in nature and may be subject to special rules, including a District schedule for sizes, process, and permitted location(s). All advertising must contain a disclaimer indicating the District does not promote or endorse the content of advertising that the District permits on its property.

Without limitation on the foregoing restrictions or the standards set forth in 4238, the District does not permit any advertisement or sponsorship that:

  1. is reasonably forecasted to cause a material and substantial disruption of school activities, including but not limited to student rioting; unlawful seizures of property; substantial student participation in a school boycott, sit-in, walk-out, or other related form of activity; student trauma; or inability of students to focus, receive instruction, and learn;
  2. is reasonably determined to be inappropriate for the age or maturity of students in the foreseeable audience;
  3. includes content reasonably determined to be false, misleading, inaccurate, or potentially libelous because it might include defamatory falsehoods about an individual or organization;
  4. contains lewd, obscene, indecent, or profane content, including any expression that would violate Federal Communication Commission regulations or that, applying contemporary community standards, appeals to prurient interests; depicts or describes in a patently offensive way sexual conduct specifically defined by applicable state law; and taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value;
  5. incites unlawful conduct or a violation of District administrative regulations or procedures;
  6. includes content that invades someone’s privacy;
  7. demeans, disparages, or otherwise discriminates against a person or group in violation of 3210 or 3210P;
  8. bullies, harasses, or intimidates in violation of 3207 or 3207P;
  9. includes unidentifiable acronyms or slang expressions;
  10. markets or promotes cigarettes, cigars, snuff, smoking tobacco, smokeless tobacco, nicotine, nicotine delivering devices, chemicals or devices that produce the same flavor or physical effect of nicotine substances, any other tobacco innovation, liquor, illicit drugs, or drug paraphernalia;
  11. includes content on the subject of politics, including electoral advocacy, or includes religious or irreligious proselytizing; or
  12. otherwise violates or conflicts with any federal or state laws, rules, or regulations, District regulations or procedures, or WIAA regulations.

The District’s acceptance of certain advertising or sponsorships per these procedures does not provide or create a public forum for expressive activities. In keeping with its proprietary function as a provider of public education, the District’s acceptance of any advertising or sponsorship does not convert its facilities or resources into open public forums for public discourse and debate. Rather, the District’s purpose is to accept advertising and sponsorships only on a limited basis, consistent with its mission and policies, and as an additional means of generating revenue to support its educational operations. Therefore, the District retains exclusive control over advertising permitted on its property or that uses its other resources.

Any advertising or sponsorship agreement with an outside entity shall be formalized at least two weeks in advance of the actual advertising or sponsorship activity through a written contract with the Issaquah School District according to Form 4238 F1. The district reserves the right to remove advertising/sponsors at any time for any lawful reason and will, if such removal is sooner than the originally anticipated duration specified in the agreement, notify the advertiser/sponsor of the removal.

Profit distribution for advertising/sponsorship agreements greater than $500 (per vendor, per year) will be determined by the Business Office based on the scope of the advertisement/sponsorship and equity between schools and/or programs. Profits from advertising/sponsorship agreements worth $500 or less will remain at the school level according to the principal’s discretion. In instances of sponsorship where advertising results in in-kind services or products for the school or program, these profit/asset distribution procedures will be reviewed by the Business Office.



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