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4314P - Notification of Threats of Violence or Harm Procedure

Staff, students, volunteers, and others involved in school activities have the responsibility to report any specific and/or significant threats of violence or harm to a school or District administrator. Based on the significance and credibility of the threat, it will be reported to law enforcement. Staff will involve in-District multi-disciplinary professionals in evaluating the threat and the needs of the person making the threat. Consultation with or referrals to community-based professionals and services are encouraged where appropriate.

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the District may only release student records with parent or adult student written consent or in a health or safety emergency. For that reason, the District will identify students who have made specific and significant threats of violence or harm when notifying the subjects of the threats, under the following conditions:

  1. The parent or adult student has given written consent to disclose the student’s identity or other information to the subject of the student’s threat;
  2. The identity of the student and the details of the threat are being disclosed to District staff who have been determined to have legitimate educational interest in the information;
  3. The identity of the student or the details of the threat are being released because the release of the information is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals. In making this determination, school officials will use their best judgment, and may take into account the “totality of the circumstances” pertaining to the safety or health of a student or other individuals; or
  4. The District is responding to a court order or subpoena. The District must make a reasonable effort to notify the parents of the student or adult student of the subpoena in advance of complying, so that the family can seek protective action, unless the court order or subpoena expressly forbids such notification.

Relevant information about the threat that does not improperly identify a student will be provided to the subject of the threat, and the subject will be advised that if law enforcement has been involved in the matter, the law enforcement agency may have more information that can be shared with the subject.

To promote the safety of all concerned, the principal will determine if classroom teachers, school staff, school security, and others working with the student(s) involved in the threat circumstance, should be notified. Subject to the confidentiality provisions cited above, principals will consider all available information when determining the extent of information to be shared, including prior disciplinary records, official juvenile court records, and documented history of violence of the person who made the threat.

When considering the appropriate corrective actions for a student who has made a threat of violence or harm, the student’s prior corrective action and discipline records and other credible sources of information will be taken into account. Such discipline will be consistent with the requirements of Chapter 392-400 WAC. Discipline will be imposed on students with disabilities consistent with Regulation and the legal requirements for special education, as set forth in Chapter 392-172A WAC.

If the threat by a student was significant and credible enough to warrant expulsion, the student may only be readmitted to the District through the readmission application process provided for in District policy. The readmission application process will include meeting District readmission criteria established at the time of expulsion, which may, at the discretion of the District, include completion of an assessment by an appropriate professional, with a report to the District.

Discipline against District staff for making threats of violence or harm will be consistent with District Regulation and procedure regarding staff discipline, and any relevant collective bargaining requirements.



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