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5237 - Conversion of Sick Leave Upon Separation

Eligible employees upon separation from District employment may personally, or through their estate in the event of death, elect to convert all eligible, accumulated, unused sick leave up to a maximum of one hundred eighty days (180) to monetary compensation as allowed by law.

In order to receive reimbursement for unused sick leave the employee must have separated from such employment and have been granted a retirement allowance under the laws governing the teachers’ retirement system, the public employees’ retirement system, or the school employees’ retirement system whichever applies; however, it is not necessary that the employee actually file for retirement prior to the date of their separation so long as the application is thereafter filed within a reasonable period of time and without the occurrence of any intervening covered employment.

Sick leave is converted to monetary compensation at the rate of twenty-five (25) percent of an employee’s current daily compensation times the number of hours (up to 180 days).

All sick leave hours converted to monetary compensation shall be deducted from an employee’s accumulated sick leave.

School Districts and educational service Districts may, in lieu of monetary compensation, as provided for in WAC 392-136- 020, make payment to an organization for postretirement medical benefits when each of the following conditions have been met:

  1. The organization is authorized under law to engage in the receipt and management of moneys for postretirement medical benefits; and
  2. The organization and the employee have furnished a signed statement holding the school District or educational service District harmless for any loss, liability, or damages that may occur arising from making the payment to the organization for postretirement medical benefits.

Moneys paid under this section for postretirement medical benefits shall not be included for the purpose of computing a retirement allowance under any public retirement system in this state.

Conversion of sick leave is subject to the terms and limitations of State law, as now existing or hereafter amended.



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