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5251P - Conflict of Interest Procedure

Conflicts of Interest as to Tutoring

The following guidelines shall be used in implementing the Conflicts of Interest for tutoring situations (Also applicable to any employee of the District on a supplemental coaching contract):

  1. A staff member shall not tutor students assigned to their class unless approved by the Superintendent or designee.
  2. Staff may not tutor students in the year after they have been assigned to their class, unless approved by the Superintendent or designee.
  3. Staff shall not use District equipment or material (i.e., Copy machine, color paper, textbooks, and computers).
  4. Tutoring must occur outside of the certificated staff work day under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  5. The staff member must act as a for profit outside agent in accordance with the District’s Access to Resources procedure and Facility Use Regulation and does not use any resources, materials or intellectual property belonging to the District while engaged in the act of tutoring.
  6. Parents should initiate contact with the staff person if tutoring services or goods are needed. Staff shall not solicit students/parents to provide tutoring services or for the sale of any goods of which the certificated staff member would personally profit.
  7. Staff shall inform the student’s family that they are not working in the capacity of an Issaquah School District employee and the District has no liability or responsibility for their actions.
  8. Staff who provides tutoring services are not covered by the District’s insurance or worker’s compensation.

Written permission from the Superintendent is necessary for a staff member to provide tutoring services when any of the following exist: 

  1. Staff wish to tutor or give private lessons for a fee to any student enrolled in one or more of the certificated staff member’s class or participating on a staff member’s team; or
  2. Staff members such as speech language pathologist and occupational/physical therapist who provide related therapies and/or enrichment classes, special education certificated staff who provide applied behavior therapy, or specialized music teachers who expresses an interest in providing private instruction or tutoring services for a fee to any student who is concurrently being serviced by that individual certificated staff member in the regular school program; or
  3. School facilities and District-owned equipment and /or instructional materials are utilized in tutoring or private instruction for which a fee is charged.



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