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5252 - Staff Participation in Political Activities

The District recognizes the right of its employees, as citizens, to engage in political activities. A staff member may seek an elective office provided that the staff member does not campaign on district property during working hours. District property and work time, supported by public funds, may not be used for political purposes.

In the event the staff member is elected to office, the employee may request a leave of absence in accordance with the provisions of any Collective Bargaining Agreement and or the leave Regulations of the District. District employees who hold elective or appointive public office in an organization are not entitled to time off from their district duties for reasons incident to such offices unless the circumstances surrounding the leave request qualify under leave policies of the district



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Legal References:

  • RCW 41.06.250 Political activities
  • RCW 42.17A.555 Use of public office or agency facilities in campaigns - Prohibition - Exceptions
  • RCW 42.17A.635 Legislative activities of state agencies, other units of government, elective officials, employees

Management Resources:

  • 2015 - October Policy Issue