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5254- Staff Expression

The Issaquah School District has an interest in maintaining an orderly and effective work environment while balancing employees' First Amendment rights to freedom of expression and diverse viewpoints and beliefs. When employees speak within their official capacity, their expression represents the district and may be regulated. The First Amendment protects a public employee's speech when the employee is speaking as an individual citizen on a matter of public concern. Even so, employee expression that has an adverse impact on district operations and/or negatively impacts an employee's ability to perform their job for the district may still result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Staff expression includes the performance of job responsibilities and how they represent the district in their use of district email accounts, school district buildings, district property, classrooms and how they present themselves to students.

Employees who use social media platforms are encouraged to remember that the school community may not be able to separate employees as private citizens from their role within the district. Employee expression on social media platforms that interferes with the district's operations or prevents the district from functioning efficiently and effectively may be subject to discipline up to and including termination.

The procedures that accompany this regulation will adhere to the regulation and specify particular district standards for staff expression, including the conditions under which a staff member can participate in written or non-verbal expression. Any violation of this regulation or adopted procedure may result in disciplinary action.



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