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5313 - Payroll Deductions

The District shall make payroll deductions for staff as required by law, such as Federal Income Tax, Income Contribution Act, Washington State Teachers' Retirement System, Washington Public Employees' Retirement System, industrial insurance, and absence not covered by authorized leave.

Deductions for voluntary contributions will be made subject to district approval and with the appropriate signed staff authorization. Deductions may include but are not limited to the following: medical and/or life insurance, salary insurance, union trust plans, tax sheltered or tax-deferred annuities, association or union dues, United Way, credit union payments, and duly-registered political action committee contributions.



Legal References:

  • RCW 28A.400.250 Tax-deferred annuities
  • 41.04.020 Public employees—payroll deductions authorized
  • 41.04.240 Direct deposit of salaries into financial institutions authorized
  • 41.04.230 Payroll deductions authorized
  • 41.04.250 Deferred Compensation plans