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5630P - Volunteers Procedure

Volunteers shall be made aware of the following procedures and restrictions:

  1. The voluntary help of citizens should be requested by District staff through administrative channels for selected activities and as resource persons.
  2. The volunteers shall serve in the capacity of a helper. All instructional services shall be rendered under the supervision of certificated staff.
  3. Volunteers shall not discuss the performance or actions of students or the content of any student records except with the student's teacher, school counselor or principal.
  4. Volunteers cannot proselytize, invite students to events, or ask for students’ contact information.
  5. Student problems which arise, whether of an instructional, medical, behavioral or operational nature, shall be referred to a regular staff member for final solution.
  6. Volunteers shall receive such information as:
    1. general assignment responsibilities and limitations,
    2. information about school facilities, routines and procedures,
    3. work schedule and place of work, and
    4. expected relationship to the staff and students.
  7. Appropriate training at the building level shall be provided for new volunteers consistent with their tasks and existing District standards. This training shall be developed under the leadership of the principal in consultation with a District supervisor. Exceptions would be District-wide programs established by the administration whereby general volunteer programs would be defined and appropriate training provided by the program administrator/designee..
  8. All volunteers must complete disclosure and background checks required by the District or by state law.
  9. Volunteer services may be terminated due to, but not limited to, the following reasons:
    1. Program and/or duties have been completed;
    2. Resignation of the volunteer;
    3. Replacement by paid staff member; and
    4. Circumstances which in the judgment of the administration may necessitate the termination of the volunteer’s services, include, but are not limited to, unsatisfactory results of background checks or other disclosures.
  10. Prior to beginning any volunteer assignment, all volunteers must complete the Volunteer Hold Harmless Agreement – Form 5630F1and School Volunteers Checklist Form 5630F2(A) and 5630F2(B). Staff and volunteers should allow a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours after all forms have been completed and submitted for a volunteer applicant to receive clearance to begin serving as a volunteer.
  11. All forms and lists authorizing a person to serve as a volunteer shall be distributed, collected, and maintained at the building level. Staff members and prospective volunteers must check with the school secretary or designated building volunteer coordinator to verify when a person is approved to serve as a volunteer.



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