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5631 - Volunteers Assisting as Coach

It is permissible for schools to utilize the services of volunteers to assist the employed head coach in an authorized program, provided that

  1. The volunteer will be responsible to the head coach and must always remain under the direct supervision of a regular employed member of the coaching staff, both during practices and games.
  2. Volunteers shall abide by the regulations of the school District and uphold all District Regulations relating to athletics. Volunteers and coaches must also support and abide by applicable rules and regulations published by the respective leagues with which the district/school is affiliated and those published by the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA), including its Mission Statement, Statement of Purpose and Goals, and Coaching Code of Conduct.
  3. Volunteers are utilized to fulfill a particular need at a particular time and are not guaranteed future employment as a coach in this District, nor does their acceptance as a volunteer for one year imply acceptance in a future season.
  4. No District or ASB funds may be expended for volunteers to coach, in lieu of salary or salary related expenses.
  5. All volunteers must complete the district Volunteer Checklist/Agreement (Form 5630F), which includes completion of the Issaquah School District Volunteer Request for Background Information form and the Washington State Patrol background check, prior to beginning any volunteer activity.



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