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6030 - Financial Reports

Monthly Report

The business office shall submit budget status reports as scheduled by the board for the following funds:

  1. General fund,
  2. Capital projects fund,
  3. Debt service fund,
  4. Associated student body fund, and
  5. Transportation vehicle

A “statement of financial condition” shall be submitted to the board. As part of the budget status report, the superintendent/designee shall provide the board with a brief written explanation of any significant deviation in revenue and/or expenditure projections that may affect the financial status of the District.



Last Revised:


Cross References:


  • RCW 28A.150.230 Basic Education Act — District school directors responsibilities
  • RCW 28A.400.030(3) Superintendent’s duties
  • WAC 392-123-110 Monthly financial statements and reports prepared by school
  • District administrator
  • WAC 392-123-115 Monthly budget status reports
  • WAC 392-123-120 Statement of financial condition — Financial position of the school District
  • WAC 392-123-125 Personnel budget status report
  • WAC 392-123-132 Reconciliation of monthly county treasurers’ statement to District records

Management Resources:

  • 2013 - April Issue Public Records Transparency Report Form