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6114P - Gifts and Memorials Procedure

Equipment and material which are donated to a school or are brought to the school for temporary use shall be reviewed in terms of suitability and durability and for any possible health or safety hazards. The school principal shall be responsible for selecting other appropriate staff members to assist in the review process. If the equipment and/or materials are found to be unsuitable, the principal shall indicate the reason(s) in writing. Donated funds for playground equipment must be referred to the superintendent's office before acceptance is granted. All gifts shall become District property and shall be accepted without obligation relative to use and/or disposal. Reasonable equity within District services and programs shall be considered.

  1. Any gift presented to the District shall satisfy the following criteria:
    1. Purpose or use shall be consistent with philosophy and programs of the District;
    2. Minimum financial obligation to District for installation, maintenance, and operation;
    3. Free from health and/or safety hazards;
    4. No direct or implied commercial endorsement;
    5. Does not create a program which the District would need to assume when funds are exhausted.
  2. Gifts which include personnel shall satisfy the following criteria:
    1. The funding, hiring, and evaluation of these personnel will be done through the school District and must comply with District Regulation, procedures, legal parameters and labor contracts.
    2. Addition of the personnel will not create a program/position which the District assumes when the funding is exhausted. The program/position ends when the funding ends.
    3. Responsibilities of personnel funded by gifts shall be consistent with District philosophy and mission.
    4. Shall only be for positions that enrich District’s programs:
      1. Does not replace the basic responsibilities/job descriptions of individual staff members, and
      2. Benefits students in general rather than as individuals, and
      3. Does not impact class size ratios in buildings/programs.
  3. The following steps shall be taken before any gift is accepted by the Issaquah School
    1. The principal/executive director/assistant superintendent shall discuss with the donor the proposed gift in terms of program impact, District goals, and District Regulation and determine whether the proposed expenditure will further a valid educational purpose or need of the Gifts received online will not require discussion with the donor unless the principal/executive director, or assistant superintendent cannot determine whether such gift is suitable from the information provided.
    2. If the value of the gift is less than $5,000, the principal/director of the program proposed to receive the gift shall review the proposed gift to determine if the school/program has a need for the gift. For acceptance, it must be determined that the gift will benefit the District and/or the District’s students, without incurring inappropriate risks or costs. A Request for Acceptance of Gifts form - 6114F1 must be completed, signed by the principal and submitted to the District office for approval.
    3. The principal/director will acknowledge the acceptance of the gift and thank the donor with form-6114F3.
    4. If the value of the gift equals or exceeds $5,000, the principal shall complete form 6114F2 with their recommendation and forward it to the District office for consideration.
    5. If the superintendent or designee determines that a gift, whose value equals or exceeds $5,000, will benefit the District and/or the District’s students, without incurring inappropriate risks or costs, it will be submitted to the board for acceptance.
    6. If the gift, whose value equals or exceeds $5,000, is accepted by the school board, the superintendent will acknowledge the acceptance of the gift and thank the donor with form 6114F4.
    7. All gifts to fund personnel will be reviewed by the superintendent or designee prior to approval.
  4. Memorials
    1. Parties desiring to establish a memorial will contact the building principal of the school that is to be the recipient of a memorial. A proposed plan shall accompany the request.
    2. District administrators will observe the utmost sensitivity toward individuals wishing to work with the District to establish memorials. To the greatest extent possible information will be given in person, rather than through distribution of District materials without personal contact.
    3. Plans for the proposed memorial shall include the following:
      1. A general description of the project.
      2. A timeline for implementation, including the tasks to be performed and the parties responsible for performing the tasks.
      3. Financial information, including a total cost estimate, a statement of the source of the funds, and the name(s) of the party responsible for receiving and disbursing the funds.
      4. An estimate of the additional cost for maintenance of the memorial, if there are such costs, and the party responsible for the maintenance.
    4. For a request for a memorial, other than a scholarship, accompanying plans and the recommendation of the principal and District director will be submitted to the board of directors for acceptance as a gift.



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