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6116 - Student Awards and Incentives

While it is constitutionally prohibited (Article VII section 7) to make a gift of public funds, it is legal to give prizes or awards in recognition of achievement under certain conditions. The board recognizes that it is sometimes beneficial to give students special awards, incentives or recognitions of a “de minimus” value. Therefore, the District may provide for such items subject to District policies, procedures, and practices. The award shall be ethical in nature and appropriate to the activity. The District defines a “de minimus” value at fifty dollars ($50.00) or less.

In advance of any expenditure, prior approval must be obtained from the superintendent or designee. The request must note the specific reason for the award/incentive. For student awards, a link of the activity and the outcome required to receive such an award must be noted.

Awards/ incentives must not be routine, possess an impression of favoritism, or offered for activities relating to normal education requirements. Money, gift cards/certificates, or any items that fall outside the normal scope of the District’s goals and values are not allowed.

More significant awards may be donated directly to the recipient (not grant funded) by an outside source. All third party donations to be used as incentive must have prior approval by the superintendent or designee.