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6212 - Charge Cards

The Board authorizes the use of charge cards for official District purchases and acquisitions The superintendent or their designee (hereinafter, the charge card administrator) shall be responsible for the authorization, issuance and control of the use of credit cards, subject to final board approval of payments.

With supervisor and the charge card administrator’s approval, charge cards may be issued to any District employee. All users of charge cards will be responsible for all charges made on the account. Charge cards may be used only to make approved purchases which do not exceed the card’s authorized limitations. Charges not allowed by the charge card administrator shall be paid by the staff member. Charge card privileges will be revoked for any unauthorized use or abuse.



Cross References:


  • RCW 42.24.115 Municipal corporations and political subdivisions - Charge cards for officers' and employees' travel expenses
  • RCW 43.09.2855 Local governments - Use of credit cards

Management Resources:

  • Policy News, April 2005, Credit Card Regulation Update