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6213P - Travel Procedure

Travel requests must be submitted on a travel purchase order form and approved by the staff member’s immediate supervisor prior to submission to the business office. Out-of-state travel must be approved by the superintendent/designee. The travel purchase order must show meals, lodging, transportation, registration and any other estimated expenses plus the appropriate budget number. All travel will be paid to the individual on a reimbursement basis and after the filing of a travel reimbursement form with appropriate receipts, except when payments are made through District purchase order or District credit card and in accordance with procedures established by the business office. One travel purchase order may be used when multiple people are traveling together for the same purpose.

If an employee anticipates traveling to a geographic area where expenses are believed to exceed otherwise “reasonable” guidelines, they should gain approval in advance of the trip from the superintendent/designee for the estimated additional expenses.

Travel requests must be submitted at least thirty (30) days in advance of departure unless extenuating circumstances make such requests infeasible. Staff who obligates the District without proper prior authorization may be held personally responsible for payment of such obligations. See Regulation 6210.


Travel shall be planned in a manner and by a carrier which will result in the least expense consistent with time constraints. Airline, train and bus fare shall be at coach or equivalent rates. Airline tickets may be charged to the District through a local travel agency. A ticket stub and receipt shall be submitted upon return.

Costs for use of rental cars must be approved in advance. Rental cars may be charged to the District through a local travel agency. A receipt shall be submitted upon return.


If one’s private automobile is preferred for an extensive trip, costs shall be identified for the most direct route both for auto mileage and for tourist class plane fare. Reimbursement shall be at the lesser amount and the District will not reimburse food and lodging expenses en route. If travel involves driving to an airport, bus or rail station, employees may be reimbursed for mileage from their place of business to the airport or station. Reimbursement shall be at the rate authorized under IRS regulations.


Lodging shall be at reasonable rates and will only be paid by the District if the meeting or event takes place outside of King, Pierce and Snohomish counties unless approved by the staff member’s supervisor. The superintendent/designee is the final judge as to what constitutes “reasonable”.

Hotel reservations may be secured with an employee’s personal credit card or the District credit card. The itemized receipt from the hotel shall be submitted upon return. When two or more people share a room, the receipt must list all staff members who shared the room. Only the room charge and applicable taxes may be included on a purchase order or charged to the District credit card.


Up to $60 per day may be spent on meals, including reasonable gratuities. This may not include alcoholic beverages. If the cost of scheduled convention meals causes the total daily expense for meals to exceed $60 (for example, a special banquet on one day of a conference), such additional expense also may be submitted. Itemized receipts are required for all meals.


Registration forms are required when registering for a class, conference, workshop, meeting, etc. These forms must be attached to the travel purchase order. The District will not pay for credit or clock hours for employees. If an employee is required to pay for clock hours, a check from the employee should be made out to the vendor and sent to purchasing along with the registration form and travel purchase order.

Other Expenses

Other expenses may include taxi, parking, tolls and baggage handling. A receipt shall be submitted when possible.

Travel Advances

Employees may request an advance to cover the cost of travel expenses that exceed $60.00 and are not paid directly by the District. A written request for a travel advance must be submitted to the business office with the travel purchase order at least thirty (30) days prior to departure unless extenuating circumstances make such requests infeasible. Travel advance requests shall be made on form 6213F2.

Travel advances are paid in the form of a check payable to the staff member.

A statement of expense must be submitted to the business office within ten days following completion of the travel. If the actual expenses are less than the travel advance, the staff members shall reimburse the District for the difference

The Advance Travel Revolving Fund should not be used for payment of airline tickets, pre- registration fees or for reimbursements to staff or officers for travel expenses already incurred.

Travel advances will only be used for District employees, excluding temporary employees. Meal advances may be given to students and chaperones traveling on pre-approved field trips.



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