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6214 - Reimbursement for Travel and Work Related Expenses

The District shall reimburse reasonable and necessary expenses of a school director, administrator or staff member incurred in the course of performing services for the District in accordance with the approval and reimbursement procedures of the District. The District will not provide reimbursements to non-District employees such as parents, volunteers and students except in cases where the parent is acting as a District approved chaperone for a trip not covered by advanced travel funds or otherwise approved by the Superintendent or superintendent's designee

For purposes of this Regulation, travel expense includes amounts paid for use of personal automobiles, other transportation, and expenses for meals, lodging and related items that are necessary while in the conduct of official business of the District. Reimbursement is permitted for gratuities (not exceeding customary percentages for the cost of meals) as well as for reasonable amounts for such services as baggage handling, when the costs are incurred while the individual is engaged in District business or other approved travel.

Reimbursement for travel expenses shall be made pursuant to the federal internal revenue code and internal revenue service regulations.

The superintendent or superintendent’s designee may file a claim on behalf of others. The Superintendent shall prepare a procedure for the administration of travel and the payment of properly documented expenses.



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