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6240 - Provision of Food and Beverages

The District recognizes that staff members and others associated with the District are expected to pay for their own food and beverages. However, under certain circumstances when the District is deriving benefit, the District may expend funds for food and beverage consumed by staff and others while in the conduct of the business of the District.

District funded refreshments at the in-District meetings are intended to be limited to situations where District purposes are pursued, where District benefits are clear, and where the duration and circumstance of the meeting is such that refreshments enhance operational efficiency.

District provision of refreshments may be extended to volunteers who are not otherwise compensated by the District; however, this provision should be reasonably related to the volunteer services being provided to the District.

District provision of refreshments, for either staff or volunteers, must be supported by documentation pursuant to written procedures established by the superintendent. Such expenditures shall be supported by statements that show:

  1. the occasion for incurring expenses,
  2. the nature and amount of expenses that were incurred,
  3. the general nature of the business that was being conducted; and
  4. the administrator responsible for the



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