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6240P - Provision of Food and Beverages Procedure

Ceremonies, Dedications and Open Houses

Reasonable expenses associated with ceremonies and/or dedications are permitted provided that the events serve a public purpose.

Meetings, Study Sessions, Training Sessions

Food and nonalcoholic beverages may be served at District expense when a meeting, study session, training session or hearing continues through normal mealtime hours and will facilitate the continuance of the session with minimum disruption. Expenses for food and beverage must be reasonable and serve a public purpose. Participants shall be restricted to officers, staff members, volunteers or “quasi-employees,” — non-compensated volunteers, or advisory committee members who might otherwise be entitled to actual monetary payment. Snacks and nonalcoholic beverages of a nominal nature may be provided at meetings, study or training sessions when such occur during non- mealtime hours. Such events must be approved by the superintendent/designee. All expenditures must be properly documented consistent with District Regulation.

Individual Conferences

Reasonable expenses for food and nonalcoholic beverages are permitted when staff members are engaged in conferences or meetings with individuals or small groups who have an interest in the operation of the District.



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