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6540 - District’s Responsibility for Privately Owned Property

The District shall not assume responsibility for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of any privately owned property brought to a school or District function unless the use or presence of such property has been specifically requested in writing and approved by the administration.

The District will not make reimbursement for loss or damage to a staff member's personal equipment or material brought to school unless evidence can be shown that it was necessary or highly desirable for use in the school program. Evidence of loss or damage must show that the loss was not due to any negligence or fault of the staff member. The following guidelines will apply:

  1. Leaving items of obvious value at the school over a weekend or vacation period should be avoided;
  2. The District will not reimburse for loss of money or personal effects;
  3. The use of personal equipment for instructional purposes must have the prior approval of the principal or supervisor;
  4. The staff member must verify that no personal insurance coverage is applicable to the loss or damage;
  5. Claims for loss must be filed within 5 days after the damage or Claimants must at-test to a notary public as to the nature of the loss and the value of the item; and
  6. Proper documentation will accompany the requisition for reimbursement.



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