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6600P - Student Transportation Procedure

Transportation service will be established by considering serviceability of the area, available equipment, volume and speed of vehicular traffic, age of the passengers, road conditions and all other pertinent data. Considering these factors, the usual service will be as follows:

  1. Students whose bus stops are more than one street mile from their assigned school.
  2. The superintendent or designee may recommend transportation within one street mile of school for students due to hazardous walking conditions. A hazardous walkway is where transportation is necessary to properly provide for the safety of students because of existing hazardous conditions, as per state The hazardous walking conditions are to be authorized by the school board upon recommendation by the superintendent or designee.
  3. Special education passengers will be picked up and returned to a stop usually within view of the passenger's home (depending upon the passenger's maturity, age, and disability).
  4. Bus stops will be located on safe and publicly maintained roadways where practical.
  5. Passengers living on dead end roads that do not have publicly maintained loop-arounds may be required to report to bus stops that meet , above.

Transportation of students other than regularly assigned riders shall be as follows:

  1. Transportation arrangements may be made on regularly scheduled routes for recognized youth-serving groups to ride to meeting places, if there is sufficient seating space on the bus.
  2. In emergency situations, arrangements will be made for a passenger to ride a bus other than the regularly assigned bus, when connections are possible.

School arrival and departure times will attempt to be scheduled within time limits as follows:

  1. Transportation to school will attempt to be scheduled to have students arrive not more than thirty (30) minutes nor less than five (5) minutes before school begins.
  2. Transportation from school will attempt to be scheduled to avoid leaving the school not more than thirty (30) minutes nor less than five (5) minutes after school is dismissed.



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