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6605 - Bus Safety and Emergency Preparedness

The superintendent or designee shall develop written rules establishing the procedures for bus safety and emergency exit drills and for student conduct while riding on buses.

The bus driver is responsible for the safety of their passengers, particularly for those who cross a roadway after leaving the bus. No bus driver shall order or allow a student to disembark at other than their customary boarding or alighting place unless so authorized by the superintendent. In order to assure the safety of all, the bus driver and/or District administrator may hold students accountable for their conduct during the course of transportation and may recommend corrective action against a student. Bus drivers are expressly prohibited from using corporal punishment.

In the event of an accident or other emergency, the bus driver shall follow the emergency procedures developed by the superintendent/designee. A copy of the emergency procedures shall be located in each bus. To ensure the success of such emergency procedures, each bus driver shall conduct an emergency evacuation drill within the first six weeks of each school semester. The District shall conduct such other drills and procedures as may be necessary.



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