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6605P2 - Bus Safety and Emergency Preparedness Procedure 2

In the event of an accident, it is essential that certain steps be taken immediately, especially if anyone has been injured.

A. Driver Responsibilities:

Assuming that they are in physical condition to discharge these duties, the driver should:

  1. Calm the students, if any, and ask an adult or older student to take charge of Keep them in the bus if it has not been badly damaged, is in a normal position, and is not in further danger.
  2. Determine if anyone has been injured; if so, administer first aid and contact the director of transportation/designee immediately.
  3. Put reflectors in front of and in back of the bus as soon as possible (this duty may be assigned to an older student).
  4. Notify the director of transportation or designee immediately whether or not anyone has been injured. If unable to reach anyone in transportation, take immediate steps to notify the appropriate law enforcement agency, school officials, and emergency services if necessary.
  5. No matter how minor the accident, obtain the data necessary for making an accident Obtain the names and addresses of witnesses, if any.
  6. Talk to no one regarding the accident, except to the law enforcement agency, and then not in the presence of others.
  7. Do not drive the bus from the scene of the accident until authorized by the law enforcement agency to do so or unless it is jeopardizing the safety of others.
  8. Go to the transportation office as soon as possible after the accident to complete the appropriate reports for the police or state patrol and for the insurance company representing the district.
  9. No bus driver, except in accordance with emergency procedures adopted by the District, shall leave the immediate vicinity of their school bus while there are passengers In the event of a school bus breakdown, assistance shall be sought in accordance with school district policy.
  10. The emergency evacuation of a school bus shall only be conducted when staying on the school bus is more hazardous than exiting the school bus. 

B. Director of Transportation/Designee Responsibilities:

Upon notification of an accident, the director of transportation or designee will:

  1. Contact emergency services if there is reason to believe that there are injuries that require immediate attention;
  2. Notify the appropriate law enforcement agency and school authorities as soon as possible.
  3. Go to the scene of the accident and gather the names of all students and witnesses.
  4. Dispatch another bus to transport the students to their destinations if necessary
  5. Contact the parent(s) or guardian(s) of any students who are injured.
  6. Complete an Incident/Accident Report Form and send a copy to the ISD Risk Management Department including copies of the Motor Vehicle Accident Report within 24 hours.



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