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6606 - Student Conduct on Buses

The superintendent/designee shall establish written rules of conduct for students riding school buses. Such rules shall include as a minimum the requirements of WAC 392-145-035 and shall be reviewed annually by the superintendent and revised, if necessary.

At the beginning of each school year, a copy of rules of conduct for students riding buses shall be provided to each student who is scheduled to ride a school bus. The bus driver shall review the rules with the students at or near the beginning of each school year. A copy of the rules shall be available upon request at the Transportation Department or District Administration Office.



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Related Procedure:

Legal References:

  • RCW 28A.600.010 Enforcement of rules of conduct-Due process Guarantees-Computation of days for short-term and long-term suspensions.
  • WAC 392-144 School Bus Driver qualifications
  • WAC 180-40-225 School district rules defining misconduct—Distribution of rules
  • WAC 392-145-021 General operation requirements
  • WAC 392-145-016 Rules for students riding school buses