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6620 - Special Transportation

The following uses of District transportation are a privilege, not a right, and, except where bound by the terms of a lease, the District may revoke that privilege at any time. The superintendent shall have the authority to modify transportation services for school and extracurricular activities when the available fuel supply for regular transportation services appears to fall below the required level. Any staff member may deny transportation to any student who violates the District's written rules and regulations.

1. School Activities

The District shall provide transportation for designated activities, which have been approved by the Board of Directors.

The use of charter buses for school activities shall be limited to trips outside of King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties, or when other scheduled bus runs makes District buses and/or drivers unavailable. All charter buses will be requested through the Transportation Department. The user group will pay the full cost of the charter service. The superintendent or designee may authorize the use of charter buses when District transportation is not available or when extenuating circumstances exist.

2. Extra-curricular Activities – Rooter Buses

The superintendent or designee may authorize transportation for rooter buses under the guidelines for school activities. Use of such services shall be limited to extra-curricular activities sponsored by the District and for students and supervisors attending the event.

3. Cooperative Programs

The Board may enter into cooperative transportation agreements with other Districts when it is economically advantageous to the cooperating Districts and when it does not impair the quality of educational programs available to students.

4. Open Enrollment

Transportation is not provided for open enrollment. If space is available, temporary exceptions to this policy may be granted when open enrollment transportation can be provided on an existing regularly scheduled bus run without rerouting. When the space is no longer available, the temporary exception shall be canceled.



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