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6625P - Private Vehicle Transportation Procedure

Whenever students are transported via private auto during field trips or other officially sanctioned activities, the following requirements are necessary:

  1. The parent of each student shall sign a permission slip consenting to the use of private transportation.
  2. The principal shall assume responsibility for determining if the automobile to be used is in good working order and that the driver of the automobile is properly licensed.
  3. The driver's liability coverage shall meet property damage, personal injury, and uninsured motorist limits as may be required by the District.

Drivers of private vehicles must complete all District required forms. The following procedures shall apply when in lieu transportation is used:

  1. All requests for in lieu transportation shall be directed to the Transportation Department.
  2. The Transportation Department shall distribute instructions and reimbursement claim forms for all approved requests.
  3. The school shall accept claim forms on a monthly basis and verify attendance, and transmit completed claim forms to the Transportation Department.
  4. The Transportation Department shall forward complete claim forms to the business office.



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