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6800 - Operations and Maintenance of District Facilities and Grounds

The Board and administration recognize the importance that the physical plant plays in enhancing the instructional program. The District shall develop a program to maintain and/or upgrade the buildings and grounds of the District. Facilities represent a long-term investment of the District and the state. The functional utility of such facilities can be increased with a regular maintenance program monitored by staff.

Facilities are to be maintained and operated in a safe, healthful condition and to preserve the District's investment. The superintendent shall provide for a program to maintain the District physical plant and grounds by way of a continuous program of repair, maintenance and reconditioning. Budget recommendations shall be made each year to meet these needs and any such needs arising from an emergency.

Each principal in cooperation with the maintenance department shall formulate and implement energy conservation measures. Principals and staff are also encouraged to exercise other cost-saving procedures in order to conserve the resources of the District.



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  • RCW 28A.335.010 School buildings, maintenance, furnishing and insuring-School Building Security
  • RCW 28A.635.060 Defacing of injuring school property – liability of pupil, parent, or guardian – Withholding grades, diploma, or transcripts – Suspension and restitution – Voluntary work program as alternative – Rights protected