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6802P1 - Care of District Facilities Procedure

Since it is not possible to do all desired/required work during summer vacation, some work must be performed while school is in session. Every reasonable effort shall be made to schedule maintenance work at a time which shall least inconvenience the educational program.

Custodians shall make minor repairs which do not require a great amount of time, special skills, or special tools which may not be readily available. They may replace reasonable amounts of broken glass where windows are conveniently located and where there is no need for special scaffolding or special skills. Custodians also shall be notified by the principal when there is need for:

  1. repairs to stationary equipment;
  2. routine building repairs (i.e., plaster, paint, floor tiles, etc);
  3. repairs to furniture and stationary student seating;
  4. emergency repairs of any kind affecting safety and/or closure of building;
  5. gym locker repairs and repairs to combination padlocks;
  6. repairs to locks, door closers, hardware, etc;
  7. minor repairs to lighting (replacement of bulbs, ballasts, etc); and
  8. minor repairs to playground equipment.

The maintenance department shall be contacted when there is need for:

  1. revisions, alterations and remodeling to buildings/grounds;
  2. movement of heavy equipment (e.g., piano) within a building or from building to building; and,
  3. set-up of furniture/equipment for special school programs.

Each year the head custodian, building custodian, and maintenance supervisor shall inspect the facilities and determine the major building maintenance needs. This shall include, but is not limited to;

  1. repainting of a building, or of any area, or of signs;
  2. replacement of roofing;
  3. replacement of heating, ventilating, plumbing, or electrical systems;
  4. playground resurfacing;
  5. replacement of floor covering; and
  6. addition or replacement of furniture.



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