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6810 - Resource Conservation

The District recognizes its responsibility to develop and maintain programs to support the conservation of energy and natural resources. In recognition of this leadership responsibility, the District shall strive to (a) institute effective energy and resource management practices and (b) provide information and nurture conservation attitudes and skills among the student community it serves. Resource management should, for the purposes of this document, be defined as conservative and efficient use of energy and utility resources.

To achieve the objectives of resource management, the Resource Conservation Manager (RCM) shall develop review and implement plans for efficient resource management in the daily operation of the District's facilities. The plans shall:

  1. Assess past and present energy and utility consumption and practices;
  2. Review current operational and maintenance practices and make recommendations for improvements and cost-reduction strategies;
  3. Identify and recommend operational changes designed to reduce consumption and related costs;
  4. Examine the feasibility of retrofitting alternatives for existing facilities;
  5. Provide periodic reports and/or recommendations to the Director of Operations and/or Finance;
  6. Monitor the energy and utility management measures that are implemented;
  7. Pursue projects that will lower the District’s operating costs, with funding help from local utilities and other organizations, if and when available;
  8. Promote resource conservation throughout the District via an outreach plan that is intended to increase awareness and influence behavioral Components of the plan would be uniquely targeted to capital planning, facilities management, school administration and operations, student education, staff training, and other key audiences.

Building staff and community users will be responsible for supporting resource conservation during the time they are present at the site. All schools and support buildings are expected to demonstrate environmental stewardship and develop responsible behaviors toward utility usage. Information will be provided by the District RCM to the site administrator (s) and custodian (s) reflecting the energy and utility consumption for each site.



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