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6865 - Recycling and Waste Stream Reduction

The Issaquah School District views recycling as a desirable alternative to landfills, incinerators, and other means of dealing with the waste stream. The District goal is to comply with (or exceed) that of King County.

The District encourages the teaching staff to integrate recycling information, goals and actions into the curriculum whenever possible. All adults affiliated with the District shall model desirable recycling practices.

Waste-reduction at the source, reusing materials as appropriate, recycling and purchasing recycled products are all integral parts of the effort to impact the solid waste stream and are strategies that employees in all buildings in the Issaquah School District will follow.

In making decisions governing purchases of materials, District employees will place a higher priority upon recyclable and recycled materials than upon those which cannot be recycled or are not composed of recycled materials; cost, durability and safety concerns may prevail.

Whenever practicable, the District shall encourage (and may require) its contractors and consultants to use recyclable and recycled products in fulfilling their contractual obligations.



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