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6880 - Loans of School-Owned Equipment and Books

School-owned equipment shall not be loaned for non-school use off school property, with the following exceptions:

  1. Use of specific items of equipment may be granted on the written request of the intended user and approval by the superintendent/designee and only when such equipment is unobtainable In such instances, the user shall be fully liable for any damage or loss occurring to the equipment during the period of its use, and shall be responsible for its safe return.
  2. School equipment may be removed from school property by students or staff only when such equipment is necessary to accomplish tasks arising from their school or job The prior written approval of the principal or supervisor is required for such removal. Removal of school equipment from school property for personal use by staff or students is prohibited. School books may be used by students during vacations when permission is granted by the building principal.
  3. District telephones and electronic equipment are to be used for school business. Personal calls should be limited to matters of urgency.
  4. School-owned equipment may be used in conjunction with rental of a school facility.



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