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6883 - School Closures

The Board of Directors has the authority to consider and take action on the closure of any school for instructional purposes.

The Superintendent shall prepare a written summary containing an analysis of the rationale for, and the effects of, the proposed school closure. This summary shall be provided to the Board and available for public review prior to any public hearing.

During a ninety-day period following the provision of the written analysis and before the Board’s final decision upon any school closure, the Board shall conduct at least two hearings to receive testimony on any issues related to the closure of a school. Separate hearings shall be held for each school which is proposed to be closed.

The Superintendent shall make provision for reasonable notice of the hearing to residents affected by the proposed closure. Such notice shall contain at a minimum the date, time, place and purpose of the hearings. Notice of each hearing shall be published at least once a week for two consecutive weeks in the newspaper of general circulation in the area where the school subject to closure is located. The last notice of hearing must be published not later than seven

(7) days immediately before the final hearing. In addition to the two required notices, the principal of the affected school shall notify the parents/guardians of the students who attend the school. Such notice may be sent home via the students.

Comments received from interested parties shall be used for advisory purposes only. The final determination of the school closure shall be made by the Board.

The Board may officially close any school for emergency reasons without regard to the procedures for school closure as contained herein.



  • RCW 28A.320.010 Corporate Powers
  • RCW28A.335.020 School Closures
  • RCW28A.335.030 Emergency School Closures Exempt