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6900 - Capital Projects

The administration of the Issaquah School District shall employ the following guidelines with regard to capital projects.

  1. When establishing budgets for capital projects, the administration shall identify all anticipated costs for each proposed project. Projects may include a contingency amount equal to 10% of the total project budget to be used for unanticipated The contingency may be reduced at the time of bid award to no less than 5% of the construction bid amount (including state sales tax).
  2. Interest earnings in the Capital Project funds shall be used as overall contingency for projects These funds, however, shall be used conservatively. Whenever a project goes over budget requiring use of these funds, the Board shall be notified via the capital projects financial report.
  3. The superintendent/designee may approve changes to a contract amount up to 10% of the project construction contract in emergency i.e., situations in which failure to promptly approve a change will result in substantial delay and/or increased costs to the project contract amount.
  4. Emergency changes to a contract amount that exceed 10% of the construction contract, shall require approval of both the superintendent and the Board president. In such cases, the Board will be notified immediately followed by Board approval at their next available Board meeting.
  5. Change orders for capital projects contracts which were formally bid shall be approved by the Board.
  6. Board items related to an individual capital project shall be placed on the Board meeting consent agenda if the project meets the goals and objectives of the project's educational specifications, is within budget, and maintains the required Board items related to projects not meeting these criteria shall be placed on the regular agenda.



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