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6901 - Facilities Planning

The District recognizes the importance of planning in order to provide for the anticipated facility needs of the future. The District shall maintain a regular review of birth data, mobility characteristics, industrial development and housing development.

In order to provide the best possible physical environment for learning and teaching, the following factors shall be considered in the planning of District facilities:

  1. Facilities shall accommodate the educational needs of students and be consistent with the educational philosophy and instructional goals of the District.
  2. Facilities shall meet or exceed all health, safety and welfare regulations.
  3. The District shall seek state and federal moneys to the maximum extent available to supplement its own financial resources.
  4. Undesirable environmental impact shall be minimized.
  5. Changing demographic factors shall be monitored in order that students' needs are met when the future becomes the present.
  6. Value engineering recommendations shall be followed when they are compatible with the district's educational goals and promise significant savings to the district.



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  • 42 U.S.C. 12101 et. seq. The Americans with Disabilities Act