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6910 - Construction Design

After determining that a need for new or improved facilities exists, the board, with the guidance of its professional staff, will engage in the following processes:

  1. Select an architect;
  2. Review a site evaluation including an assessment of existing facilities, if any, on the site;
  3. Develop educational specifications recognizing instructional needs and available financial resources;
  4. Review and approve schematic design prepared by architect, assuring that the new or remodeled facility or part of a facility is readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities;
  5. Review a value engineering study and constructability review, and approve construction design including construction estimates;
  6. Call for bids;
  7. Review and approve final construction contract; and

The Board shall comply with the terms and conditions as specified in the contract between the architect and the District.



Last Revised:


  • RCW 39.35 Energy Conservation Design of Public
  • RCW 42 U.S.C. §12101et. seq. Americans with Disabilities Act
  • WAC 392-343-080 Value engineering studies, constructability reviews, and building commissioning— Requirements and definitions
  • WAC 392-343-102 Construction management
  • WAC 392-344-065 Value engineering contracts
  • WAC 392-344-066 Constructability review contracts
  • WAC 392-344-075 Contracts — Filing