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Reports and Surveys


Each year the Issaquah School District publishes its Annual Community Report. The report serves as a reflection on the previous school year's student and staff achievements, including an overview of programs, state test scores, and financial state of the district. To view the report, visit our Annual Community Report webpage. For questions about the report, please see Report Contacts.


Surveys are a vitally important communication tool. The feedback and comments received on our surveys help us reflect and make improvements to our schools and our programs. Student, parent, and post-graduate surveys help us assess school climate, student and parent perceptions and beliefs, as well as identify issues affecting the learning environment. We appreciate our learning community taking time to participate!

Please note that participants' comments are generally not included in the public reports as these may contain personal information.

Questions or comments?

Please contact Nancy Francis, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent.

Annual or Recurring Surveys

One Time Surveys