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Report Contacts

General Questions?

Central Administration, 5150 220th Ave SE, 425-837-7000

Questions about this report?

Executive Director of Communications and Digital Strategy Lesha Engels
Contact Kim Doherty, 425-837-7113

Questions about Academic Achievement or Programs and Services?

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Services Rich Mellish
Contact Hend Hassan, 425-837-7078

Executive Director of Elementary Education Susan Mundell
Executive Director of Elementary Education Melinda Reynvaan
Contact Maya Greene, 425-837-7025

Executive Director of Secondary Education Sherri Kokx
Contact Jennifer Fitzgerald, 425-837-7050

Executive Director of Special Services Sharine Carver
Contact Karin Farrar, 425-837-7085

Questions about Finance?

Issaquah School District Business Office
Contact Lisa White, 425-837-7024

Technical questions?

District Web Systems Manager Robert Miller, 425-837-7189