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Where does the money come from?

Budgeted Revenue



State Apportionment

The largest portion (65.85%) of our general fund revenue comes directly from the state in the form of “state apportionment.” The amount received is determined by enrollment and a series of formula factors including legislatively set base salaries, employee benefits and non-labor allocations. The state also provides categorical funding for programs such as special education, pupil transportation, multilingual learners, learning assistance, Echo Glen and other educational enhancements. These revenues are received for specific programs and are not available for other purposes. 

Local Levy

The local operations levy provides 16.25% of the district’s general fund revenues. The levy amount is capped by the legislature and must be approved by district voters in a special election every two to four years. The district’s levy authority has been reduced significantly as state revenue has grown. Local levy is now capped at $2,500 per student or $2.50/1,000 of assessed value, whichever is less adjusted by CPI annually. 

Federal Funds

Federal categorical funds comprise 3.97% of district revenues. These monies fund supplemental special education programs, Head Start, Title I, and support free and reduced lunches in the Food Service program. These revenues may only be used for their specific program purposes. 

Tuition and Fees

This 13.69% in local non-tax funds is generated by fee-based programs such as school lunches and before and after school care. Also included are investment interest earnings. 

Other School District and Agency Funds

Payments from other districts for participation in joint programs and grants from non-state agencies account for 0.24% of budgeted revenues.