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Student Achievement

In this section of the Community Report, you will find data from key indicators. These indicators include tests, or what we refer to as assessments, a district scorecard and overall performance and key findings.

Student Performance

Overall, our students significantly outperform their peers across our state and the nation, despite dips in performance relative to past years, which are a result of student learning during the global pandemic.  

ISD's on-time (four-year) graduation rate for the Class of 2023 is 95.3%.

The Class of 2022 extended (five-year) graduation rate is 96.9%. 

Assessments play a significant role in student learning and school accountability. Every year, educators use in-depth analyses of data to implement plans to support individual students and move them to higher achievement. The following year, they use the assessments to check for evidence of progress, reevaluate, and adjust their learning plans and goals accordingly.  

While our students continually demonstrate their academic capabilities on standardized tests, these numbers do not begin to tell the story of the deep, exploratory learning happening in our classrooms. Success is defined and measured in many ways through extracurricular activities, the arts, community service, leadership and citizenship. Our students have achieved many accomplishments in recent years! 

Key Findings By Topic

Click the plus (+) sign to the left of each statement to learn more about why the metric is important, what we measure and how we measure it.