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Healthy Youth Survey

The biennial Healthy Youth Survey is sponsored by the following state agencies: Department of Social and Health Services, Department of Health, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Many Washington school districts like Issaquah voluntarily administer the anonymous survey to 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students in October. In the fall of 2023, the survey is being administered between Oct. 9 and 24. The exact date for each school will be communicated to families by individual school buildings, and will appear on the school website calendars under "upcoming events." The survey includes questions related to physical activity and diet, unintentional and intentional injury, substance use, risk and protective factors, access to school-based services, and sexual behaviors, abuse, and orientation. Results are used by schools, communities, and state agencies to plan programs to support our youth and reduce their risk. 

Survey Results

Parent & Student Information Letter

HYS Parent & Student Information - Arabic
First page of the PDF file: HYS2023ParentandStudentInformationLetterArabic
HYS Parent & Student Information - Chinese
First page of the PDF file: HYS2023ParentandStudentInformationLetterChinese
HYS Parent & Student Information - English
First page of the PDF file: ParentandStudentInformationLetterEnglish
HYS Parent & Student Information - Japanese
First page of the PDF file: HYS2023ParentandStudentInformationLetterJapanese
HYS Parent & Student Information - Korean
First page of the PDF file: HYS2023ParentandStudentInformationLetterKorean
HYS Parent & Student Information - Russian
First page of the PDF file: HYS2023ParentandStudentInformationLetterRussian
HYS Parent & Student Information - Spanish
First page of the PDF file: HYS2023ParentandStudentInformationLetterSpanish
HYS Parent & Student Information - Ukrainian
First page of the PDF file: HYS2023ParentandStudentInformationLetterUkrainian
HYS Parent & Student Information - Vietnamese
First page of the PDF file: HYS2023ParentandStudentInformationLetterVietnamese