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Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) Resources and Reporting

Filing a HIB Report as a Student or Family Member

Ways to File a Complaint


Fill out an online form, managed by Qualtrics Solutions. By filing an online feedback form, an automatic report is sent to school administrators. 

This is an informal way to report a concern and you will be contacted for a flow up conversation to gather more information. 

Informal Reporting Form


Fill out a PDF ISD Harassment, Intimidation and bullying Incident Reporting Form.

After completing this form, you will need to send the completed form either electronically or in paper copy to a school administrator.

Formal Reporting Form

Also available in ChineseKoreanRussian and Spanish.


Fill out a paper copy of the ISD Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Incident Reporting Form.

This paper copy is available in each school office. After completing this form, give it to a school administrator.


Write out report (without completing a form) and give it to any school staff member.*


Verbally share report with any staff member.*


What to Expect After Filing a Complaint

A complaint can be filed anonymously, confidentially or non-confidentially. (Regulation 3207P Part I) Supportive measures will be offered in response to all reports; however, disciplinary actions on the alleged aggressor can only be imposed based on non-confidential reports. Once an incident has been filed the following steps are taken:

  • A school administrator will reach out and contact me within two school days.**
  • A time to meet with an administrator, family member/s and student will be scheduled.
STEP 2A: A complaint can be resolved informally

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Developing a success plan for the complainant.
  • A mediated exchange between the complainant and the alleged aggressor.
  • A warning issued to the alleged aggressor by an administrator.

If not satisfied with the informal resolution, a complainant may request to initiate a formal investigation at any time.



STEP 2B: A complaint can be resolved formally

A formal investigation can be initiated. A formal investigation will be completed within five school days. If an investigation requires additional time, the investigator will give weekly updates to parents/guardians. Families will receive a written response within two school days upon completion of the investigation.

A formal investigation will include:

  • Interview with the involved parties, witnesses and with family members whenever appropriate and necessary.
  • A review of any previous complaints involving either the complainant or the alleged aggressor.

STEP 3: A written response will be provided.

No later than two school days after an investigation has been completed, a written response will be given to the parent/guardian of the complainant, and to the parent/guardian of the alleged aggressor.

A written report of the investigation will be provided to the District Compliance Officer.

STEP 4: Building administration will institute corrective measures as necessary.

Building administration will institute corrective measures as necessary, as soon as possible, but no later than five school days after the investigation is complete and families have been contacted. The complainant’s family will not be notified of the corrective measures that are imposed on other students due to student privacy laws.

The District will take prompt and equitable corrective measures.

If a student is found to have been subjected to harassment, intimidation or bullying, they will have appropriate District support services made available to them.

*A staff member who is not an administrator is required to report the incident to an administrator. Once a report has been shared with them (either by the complainant or by another staff member) the administrator will communicate with the complainant and their family to determine next steps.
** Refer to Regulation 3207P for reference

Appeal Rights for a Complainant

STEP 1: 

If the complainant or parent/guardian is dissatisfied with the results of the investigation, they may appeal to the superintendent or designee by filing a written notice of appeal with the Assistant Director of Compliance, within five (5) school days of receiving the written decision. The superintendent or designee will review the investigative report and issue a written decision on the merits of the appeal within five (5) school days of receiving the notice of appeal.

STEP 2: 

If the targeted student remains dissatisfied after the initial appeal to the superintendent or designee, the student may appeal to the school board by filing a written notice of appeal with the secretary of the school board on or before the fifth (5th) school day following the date upon which the complainant received the superintendent or designee's written decision.

Final Decision: 

An appeal before the school board must be heard on or before the tenth (10th) school day following the filing of the written notice of appeal to the school board. The school board will review the record and render a written decision on the merits of the appeal on or before the fifth (5th) school day following the termination of the hearing, and will provide a copy to all parties involved. The board's decision will be the final District decision.