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Superintendent Finalists

The School Board has chosen three finalists in the search for the next superintendent of the Issaquah School District (ISD). In executive session on Wednesday, March 16 , the School Board conducted an in-depth review of 12 out of the 27 applicants, and moved three forward to finalist interviews: 

Dr. Jennifer Bethman

Photo of Dr. Jennifer Bethman

Dr. Jennifer Bethman is Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education of Bethel School District and formerly served as a high school and middle school principal in the Bethel School District. Dr. Bethman shared that she is prepared to offer the following key skills, among many others: 

  • Passion for providing quality education with high expectations for all students. A key component is assuring all staff believe, all students can and will learn.
  • Creating culturally affirming communities and removing barriers for all members of our district.
  • Providing quality communication by sharing accurate and timely communication.
  • Leadership in the design work for capital projects. 

Dr. Bethman began her career in education in Pawnee, Illinois, and continued teaching math and music when she moved to Bethel School District, where she has spent the past 30 years. She said that she believes every decision and action she takes must be done with students in mind. The decisions and work she does must ensure that all students are prepared for college, careers and citizenship, she said. 

Dr. Mary Templeton 

Photo of Dr. Mary Templeton

Dr. Mary Templeton is Superintendent of Washougal School District and formerly served as the Human Resources Director for Certificated Personnel and High School Principal in Spokane Public Schools. In her current role as Superintendent of the Washougal School district, Dr. Templeton said some of the successes she is most proud of include: 

  • Increased on-time graduation rate from 73% to 88%.
  • 80% dual-credit attainment for students at the high school level.
  • Inclusionary practices in early learning and Special Education.
  • Creation of a Spanish-Speaking family outreach program.
  • Systemwide implementation of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.

Dr. Templeton began her career in education teaching German, theater and ELA for 15 years, and has worked in education for 30 years altogether. She said she believes that one of the most significant roles of a leader in the public school system is to help teachers see each child as an individual, who has specific academic, social and emotional assets and then to provide the tools and resources necessary to provide a relevant and rigorous learning program that allows for equitable access to a bright future.  

Ms. Tow-Yick

Photo of Ms. Tow-Yick

Ms. Heather Tow-Yick is Deputy Superintendent of Mukilteo School District and formerly served as the Chief of Staff for both Teach For America and Providence Public Schools.  Ms. Tow-Yick said that she has dedicated her career to accelerating opportunities for students and communities. She shared that some of the top priorities for her in a professional environment include:  

  • Establishing trusting and transparent relationships rooted in shared interest and values. 
  • Effective and creative use of resources. 
  • Equity in action, requiring engagement, intentionality and commitment. 

Ms. Tow-Yick began her career in education teaching English and U.S. History in the New York City Department of Education and has since continued holding positions of increasing responsibility over the course of her 22 years in education. She said she believes that Issaquah's commitment to raising the bar for all students is aligned with her values of academic excellence, team and empowerment.