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Strategic Planning

community member forum discussion

Our Strategic Plan was developed with a strong emphasis on staff, family and student voice to ensure that everyone in our community is represented. Work to create the strategic plan was done by district staff with support from Delivery Associates. Superintendent Heather Tow-Yick began conversations at the start of her tenure in the ISD with her First 100 Days campaign, by gathering input from staff, community members, families and students across the district to better understand their priorities. This input began to tell the story of where we could improve as a system. Areas for improvement include: 

  • Address disparities in behavior and academic metrics.
  • Reduce student stress. 
  • Increase diversity in workforce. 
  • Improve operational consistency.

As we drafted our three-year strategic plan, we focused on:

  • Creating a district vision statement and identifying priority areas to help focus our work.
  • Establishing clear goals, actions to achieve the goals and metrics to measure progress. 

To read more about the process, visit the news section and announcements section of our website.

In April 2023, the School Board approved the new vision statement, and in May 2023, the board adopted a resolution in support of the new strategic plan. District staff are implementing the plan beginning in the 2023-24 school year and will report back to the board with progress updates.

As Tow-Yick completed her first 100 days as our superintendent, she took the time to look back at all the things she learned from you as we worked together on our district's future plans. In this video, which was shared in December 2022, Tow-Yick addressed the main themes she learned from our community as well as goals moving forward as we shape our programs and assess spending. These important conversations serve as fuel for our strategic planning process.

Priority Areas

Student Well-Being icon
1. Student Well-Being

Students will feel safe, affirmed in their strengths, and have access to resources that support their basic needs and well-being.

Academic Opportunities Icon
2. Academic Opportunities

Students will have access to the resources needed to achieve key academic milestones throughout their ISD journey. 

Diverse Talent icon
3. Diverse Talent

Students will benefit when we recruit, retain, develop and engage staff to ensure a highly effective workforce that supports and reflects the diversity of the student population.

Authentic Engagement Icon
4. Authentic Engagement

Students will benefit from meaningful engagement between constituent groups and the district that is ongoing and supportive of the diversity of our community. 

Organizational Effectiveness Icon
5. Organizational Effectiveness

Students will thrive, and experience meaningful learning supported by effective district systems, structures and processes, and resource allocation.  

Plan Approval, Announcements, and News

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The district’s Bond Advisory Committee members met for the second time on Feb. 13, to hear answers to questions they asked; to learn about the Strategic Plan; hear from a student voice panel; and listen to information about safety and security, and the early learning programs. The committee will meet again Feb. 27.

  • Bond
  • Finance
  • Safety & Security
  • Strategic Planning
  • Student Voice
Read More about Bond Advisory Committee Update for Week of Feb. 26 
Strategic Plan

One priority area within the district's three-year Strategic Plan is Authentic Engagement. As we move forward with work in that priority area and other pieces of the Strategic Plan, we want to hear from you – our students, staff and community members – about what the phrase "authentic engagement means to you, or what it would ideally look like to you. Today we are launching a ThoughtExchange about this topic.

  • Strategic Planning
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