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Helping your student at home

If your student is experiencing a learning gap or difficulty with reading or math, you may be looking for ways to support your child's learning.  Here are our top tips for helping your child learn at home:

1.  Use your teacher!  

Your teacher sends home regular classroom communications that provide what most need to support learning at home.  If you have questions specific to your child, reach out to your teacher.  Your child's teacher can be more specific about skills to work on and available resources specific to your child's need.  

2. Be playful. 

Learning at home is best when it is natural and fun.  Playing games, doing puzzles, building with toys like legos, having conversations, reading together, learning about interesting new topics together.  Student learn the most when they talk and play with adults!

3. Use our ISD extended learning resources.  

  • i-Ready My Path & Learning Games.  Your student can log in to i-Ready from home through Clever and complete i-Ready lessons and enjoy the learning games.  All students have lessons selected by the i-Ready program or their teacher, ready to go, all the time.  Spending 30-50 minutes each week in each subject can improve achievement.  i-Ready can be accessed at home on a web-enabled browser (see iPad directions below) from September through the first week of August!

    CLICK HERE to watch a video that shows how you can use i-Ready with your student to support learning and track your student's progress.  Family Center provides extensive information about i-Ready for families, including videos and documents in multiple languages.

    Note on using iPads with i-Ready:  Older iPads may not support i-Ready; in order to use i-Ready you must download BOTH the i-Ready app and the Clever App, then access i-Ready through the Clever app.
  • Learning Ally.  Learning Ally is a tool that gives qualified students access to audiobooks, matched with written text – a highly effective way to promote independent reading for students experiencing reading difficulties. 

    CLICK HERE to learn more about Learning Ally and whether your student has access.
  • ISD Digital Tools - more resources to support learning are available as described here.


If you want to learn more about how to support your student in specific areas, please see the drop-down information below.



Supporting your child in Reading

Supporting Learning Math