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Graduation Requirements


The Issaquah School District believes that experiences available in high school classrooms enhance the probability of achieving a pattern of life-long learning as well as the achievement of life goals. To this end, the District has created a high school graduation regulation and accompanying procedures. 


Washington State has established specific requirements for graduation. Students of the Issaquah School District meet those requirements by: 

  1. Fulfilling class credit requirements: Course and credit requirements for earning a high school diploma are found in each school’s course guide linked below. Graduation requirements are assigned according to a student’s year of graduation.
  1. Crafting a High School and Beyond Plan: Each student shall have a high school plan to guide their high school experience, including plans for post-secondary education or training and career. Students shall create their high school and beyond plans in cooperation with parents, guardians and school staff. School staff shall work with students to update the plans during the years in which the plan is implemented in order to accommodate changing interests and goals.
  1. Meet the requirements of a District-approved graduation pathway:  Students must meet the requirements of a District-approved graduation pathway in order to graduate. Students who receive special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) must meet the requirements determined appropriate by the student’s individualized education program (IEP) team in accordance with applicable laws and District policy. Students should consult with their counselor for more information on satisfying the Pathway requirement.


Graduation Requirements - Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

Graduation Tab

This Family Access tool conveniently allows families to view their student(s) credits and progress towards graduation. This tool is not intended to replace the guidance of counselors, but instead to serve as an interim measure in understanding your student’s progress. This tool is unavailable from April thru August as we work to create a Master Schedule that best meets the needs of our students and maximizes the availability of staff. 

Educational Milestones 

This Family Access tool includes information on additional requirements such as graduation pathways, Washington State History, and completion of a High School and Beyond Plan. 

For an official summary of progress towards completion of graduation requirements, please contact your school’s Counseling Office. 

State high school transcript

All public schools in the state use the Washington State high school transcript.