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High School and Beyond Plan

What is a High School and Beyond Plan? 

The High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) is a Washington State graduation requirement. Beginning in middle school, students create and update their HSBP on Xello, a district-provided online program. Through Xello and the HSBP process, students explore their interests, learn about career possibilities and educational pathways, and create a plan through high school to prepare them for their post high school goals. In cooperation with family and school staff, students update their plan each year to reflect changing interests, abilities and goals. Students complete the last step of their High School and Beyond Plan with a resume and exit interview in their senior year.

What is Xello?

  • Xello is an online program that ISD students use to complete the High School and Beyond requirement.​
  • Each student has a Xello account beginning in 6th grade, and they can explore careers, post high school opportunities, and a wide variety of college options through their Xello account.​ 
  • Students can use the About Me page in Xello to list their interests and skills, and any education, work, and volunteer experiences they have had, which builds toward a future resume.​
  • Access is easy, students sign into ClassLink, and launch Xello from there. 

What is Xello Family? 

  • Xello Family is a feature that allows parent/guardian/caretakers to log into their own Xello account. Through this account, parent/guardian/caretakers can see their students' Xello portfolio, including any saved careers, colleges or interests, and all progress on their High School and Beyond Plan activities. Parent/guardian/caretakers can also log into Xello as a demo student, allowing them to explore the Xello site and tools with the same view a student would have.
  • To access Xello Family, parent/guardian/caretakers must first receive an invitation via email, which will include a link to access their Xello Family account - this link expires after 7 days.  
    • In February & March 2024, Xello sent email invites to all parent/guardian/caretakers listed in Family Access for each middle and high school student, with a link to access their Xello Family account.  This email may end up in your spam folder, be sure to check there if need be.
    • If you have not received an email invite, or you received an invite but the link as expired, please complete this Xello Family Account Request Form. ISD staff will process additional Xello Family Account requests as quickly as we are able.
    • Once a parent/guardian/caretaker has accepted the email invite and accessed Xello Family, they can bookmark this site and return to log in. 
  • Learn about Xello Family features in this Xello Family Overview video. More tips and support available at the Get Started with Xello Family support page.

For more information about the High School and Beyond Plan requirement, please visit your high school’s College and Career Center website.