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Mathematics education is key to ensuring students are academically prepared and confident to pursue higher education or specialized career training.  To be college and career-ready, today's students require an education that goes far beyond what was needed by students in the past. Therefore, our math program, as aligned to the state standards, is characterized by the following:


  • Conceptual development: engaging in making sense of mathematics, exploring math concepts and relationships, and communicating understanding of mathematics
  • Computational fluency: using algorithms and math processes efficiently, accurately, and precisely.
  • Applications and problem solving: using math to describe real-world situations, solve problems, reason, and justify their solutions.
  • Growth Mindset: fostering each student’s belief that they can learn mathematics, and growing students' habits of effort, persistence, determination, and learning from both successes and failures.

In order for this to occur, rigorous mathematical content must be organized, taught, and assessed in a problem-solving environment in which students are expected to make sense of and persevere in solving compelling and complex problems. Students' mathematical knowledge must be connected to the ideas and skills found in other grade levels and content areas, as well as to real-life situations outside the classroom.

High School Math Recommendations from Selective Universities

This document summarizes what some selective universities (Harvard, MIT and Stanford) recommend for students' math courses in high school.

Calculator Recommendations

Scientific calculators are required for middle school and high school math courses through CC Geometry. Graphing calculators are required for CC Algebra 2 and above. See specific calculator recommendations here. If you are unable to purchase a graphing calculator, inquire at your high school about TI Nspires you can borrow for the school year.


Secondary Mathematics Specialist (6-12)
Lena Jones

Issaquah School District Mathematics