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Middle School Curriculum & Pathways

Middle School in the ISD

Middle school marks two major transitions in the life of our students.  First the transition from Elementary to Middle School, where students get to make choices of what classes they take, navigate learning from multiple teachers, figure out how to open their locker and get many more choices at lunch - these are some of the highlights middle school students share about the change to Middle School.

Middle school also provides a safe place to practice secondary life and academics in a place where taking academic risks and making mistakes can be safe - the Middle School academic credits don't impact the high school transcript (unless in 8th grade you choose to take some high school courses.)  Middle school is a good place to build those skills and set yourself on a pathway to achieve your goals and aspirations.

This site maps out our Middle School curriculum and pathways to help you make choices that fit best for you.

To find information on the course options please see the Middle School Course Guide.

Middle School Course Guide