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Are You Ready For CC 7/8?

Is my current CC 6 student ready for Common Core (CC) 7/8?

If your student is currently in 5th grade, click here.

Most students will take Common Core (CC) 7 after CC 6. Consider whether your child thrives in a fast-paced learning environment and can demonstrate mastery of mathematical skills: if so, Common Core (CC) 7/8 and compacted pacing might be the best choice.

Selecting this option means that your child will choose COMPACTED PACING through the rest of middle school.

There is an online form available to help you determine the district recommendation for your student's placement.

Video: Grade-Level vs. Compacted Pacing

  Grade-Level Pacing Compacted Pacing Skip CC 6
6th CC 6 CC 6 CC 7/8
7th CC 7 CC 7/8 CC 8/Algebra 1
8th CC 8 CC 8/Algebra 1 CC Geometry
9th CC Algebra 1 CC Geometry CC Algebra 2
10th CC Geometry CC Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus

CC Algebra 2
Applied Algebra 2

Pre-Calculus Calculus
12th Pre-Calculus
Adv Algebra &  Trig
Personal Finance
Calculus Other Math
Calculus B/C

Readiness Criteria

Families who wish to select this placement should consider whether their student meets the following Readiness Criteria:

  • Commitment: Students who skip CC 6 will continue with Compacted Pacing for the rest of middle school and should be prepared for the increased rigor and vigorous pacing of this sequence.
  • A score of 90% or higher on the online Common Core 6 Math Mastery Assessment (see below).
  • An average grade of 90% or higher on tests and quizzes in CC 6.
  • Consistently demonstrates Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Strong organizational skills, maturity, self-motivation, and affinity for mathematics.
  • This online form can help determine your students' recommended course based on Issaquah School District's CC 7/8 Readiness Criteria.

Mastery of 6th Grade Common Core Content Standards:

A truly solid foundation in CC 6 skills and concepts is critical for students to succeed in the compacted pathway, as there will be little time allotted to review the prior years' standards. A score of a 90% or above on the Common Core 6 Math Mastery Assessment is one indicator of sufficient proficiency.

CLICK HERE to take the Common Core 6 Math Mastery Assessment

Standards for Mathematical Practice:

Common Core expects much more than just procedural skill and fluency. Students are expected to achieve deep conceptual understanding, to demonstrate critical thinking skills, to make connections, to persevere in problem-solving, to apply their learning to solving problems in real world contexts, to justify their reasoning, and to clearly communicate their math thinking. Read more about the Standards for Mathematical Practice at

Commitment to Compacted Pacing

Be aware that students who begin 7th grade in CC 7/8 will continue with Compacted Pacing for the rest of middle school.

The above are recommendations for you to consider when deciding placement for next year. Your student does not need to meet the recommendations to choose CC7/8, but following the recommendations is highly encouraged to ensure success.