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i-Ready provides a suite of digital assessment and learning tools that help identify and address learning needs.  

How teachers use i-Ready

The primary use of i-Ready is to provide Teachers information about their students and tools for planning instruction.  i-Ready provides teachers the following:

  • Assessments to find out what students know and can do.
  • Tools for analyzing class data to help identify important gaps in their knowledge or skills in reading and math.
  • Lessons for small group instruction to address learning gaps.
  • A tool for extending learning through MyPath (see below)
  • A way to monitor student progress and growth toward meeting standard.
How students use i-Ready

Student use of i-Ready may vary based on their need, and what learning tools work best for them.  Students may use i-Ready in the following ways:

  • Students will take some assessments on i-Ready to provide teacher with information about their skills and knowledge.
  • Students may complete some assigned digital-learning activities in class.
  • Students may receive i-Ready small group lessons from their teacher.
  • Students may be recommended to or required to complete 30-49 minutes of MyPath Lessons in school or at home.  MyPath is a custom digital learning path.  i-Ready uses students' answers on test questions to identify next steps for learning and automatically assign lessons.  When a student logs into i-Ready through Clever, at school or at home, there is a next-step lesson for Reading and Math ready to go. 

Click here to learn more about using i-Ready at home.

How school and district leaders use i-Ready

i-Ready provides the school and district important data to inform programs.

  • i-Ready provides a research-based screener for early reading difficulties that may be associated with dyslexia.  In conjunction with our Really Great Reading assessment, i-Ready help your school identify students who may benefit from early intervention in reading.
  • i-Ready helps identify skill gaps.  i-Ready is an adaptive diagnostic assessment.  This means that in each domain it will not only test grade level skills, but will find out if students are missing skills from earlier grade levels.  This is important in informing decisions for instruction and intervention programs at the classroom, school and district level.


i-Ready FAQs

More i-Ready Links

Family Center provides extensive information about i-Ready for families, including videos and documents in multiple languages.

Guidance for families to help understand i-Ready and how they can support their child are available in EnglishSpanishPortugueseHaitian Creole.