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Understanding i-Ready Scores

Your Elementary i-Ready Scores 

i-Ready assessments for Reading and Math are designed to give useful information for teachers.  Teachers can use the information planning lessons for individuals, groups or the whole class.  Click here to learn more about i-Ready.

ISD has been working to make the i-Ready results more accessible to families so you can see how your student scored in comparison to the expectation at the time the test was given. 

When you open your scores in Family Access you will see three types of scores:

  1. An overall Scale Score. 
    This is actual score your student received on the test between 200 and 800.  See below if you want to see the scale scores for each level for each test.
  2. The Detail Level Scores for the overall test score and for each topic that was assessed. 
    This is the score that tells you the most information!  The detail level converts the scale score to a 4-point scale (see below and to the right).  Scores of 3.00 and above mean the student scored at or above the score expected of a student on track to meet standard.  This score is based on the expectation at the time the test was taken, not in comparison to the end-of-year expectation.
  3. Lexile Level.  i-Ready Reading provides a reading level that can be used to help find independent reading levels, like the F&P A-Z scale.  This is one of the most common measures of reading level.  See the panel below to learn how to use the Lexile Level to help your student find good-fit books.

Please see important topics below including how to help your student in areas where they scored approaching or below expectation.

The 4-point scale


Exceeding Expectation


Meeting Expectation


Approaching Expectation


Below Expectation  

Missing scores in Phonological Awareness, High Frequency Words and Phonics mean the student is no longer being assessed in this area.

Click here to learn more about this scale here.